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A classic Cricut product: the EasyPress. Find out why it is so popular and check it out today

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Buy Cricut Easy Press Online

The Cricut EasyPress proves time and time again that it’s an essential tool to any creatives toolkit. Whether it’s the Cricut EasyPress Mini or the Cricut EasyPress 2, people around the world love the Cricut EasyPress. 

If you’re looking for a Cricut EasyPress to buy then head online as there is a range to pick from. 

For example, the Cricut EasyPress Mini comes in Raspberry, while the Cricut EasyPress 2 also comes in three varying sizes (6” X 7”, 9” X 9”, and 12” X 10”). 

The essential point of the Cricut EasyPress is versatility and choice. 

For those looking for the Cricut EasyPress in the UK, there are bundle options where you can also buy the Cricut EasyPress Mat, which proves to be a valuable instrument in the heat transfer process.

If you’re still not sold, then here’s what else you’d be missing out on: 

  • A hand-held heat transfer press
  • An even distribution of heat across your work 
  • Varying sizes of heat pads
  • The option to travel with it

The Cricut EasyPress does so much more than iron or a traditional heat transfer machine can do, the Cricut EasyPress also have an auto-off function. This basically means that if the Cricut Machine has been inactive for 10 minutes or more, it’ll switch off on its own accord. 

So not only is it smarter, more compact, and more visually appealing than iron or traditional heat transfer machine, the Cricut EasyPress is also safer. 


Which is better Cricut EasyPress or heat press?

Typically, the Circut EasyPress has more pros than a generic heat press does. 

For example, the Cricut EasyPress is easy to transport places, it’s less likely to cause burns or harm to the people using the machine, and it costs less than the average heat press. 

Of course, you need to take into consideration the needs of you, your projects, and your business. 

Is the Cricut EasyPress worth it?

Of course, the Cricut EasyPress is a machine unlike any other. While the Cricut Explore, the Cricut Joy, and the Cricut cutting machine all do completely different things that depend on your chosen art as to whether or not you need one. 

The Cricut EasyPress is fundamental to basic crafts and projects. So, if you’re looking for a simple, hand-held heat press then look no further.

What can you do with Cricut EasyPress?

The Cricut EasyPress is essentially a hand-held heat press that allows you to iron designs and decals with ease and accuracy. 

Can you do sublimation with Cricut EasyPress?

Due to the heat that the Cricut EasyPress 2 reaches, it is easier to carry out a task like sublimation. So yes! 

Do you really need Cricut easy press?

If you’re interested in Cricut crafts or just general projects involving heat, then we’d always say yes! But it depends on your individual needs.

Can I use an iron instead of a Cricut easy press?

The issues with iron are that the temperature at which they emit heat is unevenly distributed when compared to the Cricut EasyPress. So, unfortunately, if you were to use an iron, it wouldn’t have the same effect.

What's the difference between Cricut EasyPress and Easypress 2?

There are quite a few stark differences between the two machines, for example, the EasyPress 2 heats up to 400 degrees - whereas the original only heats up to 350 degrees.

However, this 50 degrees difference allows for the EasyPress 2 to work with a larger range of materials, such as wood - and it also heats up 25% faster. 

What size Cricut EasyPress should I buy?

The Cricut EasyPress comes in three sizes: 6” x 7”, 9” x 9”, and 12” x 10”. 

And truthfully, it depends on which size is most suitable for your project. The largest Cricut EasyPress is ideal for t-shirts, bags, and blankets, while the 9” x 9” is best suited for pillowcases, t-shirts, and tote bags - whereas, the 6” x 7” is made for hats and other accessories. 

Which size EasyPress is best?

That depends on the type of project you’re working on. 

What size heat press is needed for T-shirts?

Either the 9” x 9” or the 12” x 10” - of course, the 12” x 10” option offers more possibility for future projects. However, if the price tag puts you off then watch out for Cricut bundles, as these often include sales with other items like Cricut blades and Cricut cardstock which often makes things cheaper in the long run. 

Can you use a Cricut EasyPress Mini for shirts?

While you can’t use the Cricut EasyPress Mini for t-shirts, you can use it for things like hats, shoes, and other accessories. 

How to use Cricut EasyPress?

  1. Well, the first step is always the easy step - as it’s you turning the machine on. This machine will get hot, so ensure it’s used by an adult only.
  2. Use the product guide to determine temperature and timings, set it to what the guide says.
  3. Following along from this, you’ll want to pre-heat your base material - on the area you want to stick the decal. 
  4. Then line the design up - ensuring that it’s shiny side up.
  5. And then apply the Cricut EasyPress to both sides of the design. (Be careful when peeling back the liner as it may still be warm).

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