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  1. First Edition Christmas Deco Mache Unicorn
    First Edition Christmas Deco Mache Unicorn
    Special Price £1.50 Regular Price £2.99
  2. First Edition Christmas Deco Mache Sentiments
    First Edition Christmas Deco Mache Sentiments
    Special Price £1.50 Regular Price £2.99
  3. First Edition Christmas Deco Mache Poinsettia
    First Edition Christmas Deco Mache Poinsettia
    Special Price £1.50 Regular Price £2.99

Buy Christmas Decorations Online

Christmas decorations are a personal thing – for many families, buying a Christmas decoration each year is a tradition and sets up the beginning of a magical Christmas. 

However, at Craft Label, we believe half the fun is making them yourselves. 

That’s why we offer a full range of Christmas tree decorations to make - from sewing Christmas decorations, felting Christmas decorations, and even, Christmas decorations for kids to enjoy. 

If homemade Christmas tree decorations aren’t your thing, then that’s no problem either. Because we also offer a wide selection of Christmas decorations made with paper, glitter, and more. 

So, your tree is covered in decorations that everyone can be a part of. 

And while you’re shopping for Christmas decorations, make sure you take a look at the possibilities you can buy for Christmas. 

Our selection of craft paper, craft storage, stamping inks, and arts and crafts for kids will make the perfect presents for Christmas. 

Just imagine all those presents sitting under the tree, right next to the Christmas décor that you’ve created. 

It’s quite the magical image, if we do say so ourselves. 

So make sure you make the most of our deals and steal this holiday, we don’t want you or your family to miss out! 



What is the most popular Christmas decoration?

Christmas decorations are always personal to each individual family. 

However, at Craft Label, we believe the best Christmas decorations are the ones you make yourselves. 

And don’t worry, our range of scrapbooking paper, stamping inks, craft paper, and sublimation blanks will do just the job to bring any Christmas vision to life. 

If creating something completely from scratch seems too much like hard work, then don’t worry, we also have Christmas crafts for kids – as well as easy separate craft sets for children, so you can create your decorations as a whole family. 

Worst come to worse, we also have your decorations already made up in the Christmas section of our website; we think of everything.  

What is the colour for 2020?

Christmas décor, for many people, is one of the most important parts of Christmas; nothing quite says family time like setting the Christmas table decorations, or putting up the tree. 

But each year, trends come and go. While typically, Christmas is always associated with red and green, this year, there’s a twist on the classic.

Muted neutrals have come into fashion. For many people, that means that while green and red are still used, these two colours are also combined with creams, blues, and golds to complement it. Of course, the green and red themselves aren’t the typically vibrant shades we’ve seen before, but have now been traded for muted variations – such as sage greens or a burnt orange. 

What should I get for Christmas 2020?

Part of the fun of Christmas is working out what to buy people – as well as what to ask people to buy for you. 

And truthfully, it really depends on who you’re buying for or what you like. 

At Craft Label, we pride ourselves on our wide range of products. 

Whether you need a selection of arts and crafts for kids, craft storage for the budding artist, or paper crafts for the creative, we stock the whole lot. 

And if you’re looking to spend a little bit more, then a popular product is always one of our Cricut Maker Machines – which is, of course, the ultimate Christmas 2020 gift.


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