Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy may be small, but it's power is strong - find out for yourself

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Buy Cricut Joy

At its core, the Cricut Joy is writing and cutting machine - and that’s what it does exponentially well. 

While the Cricut Maker may be filled with multiple blades and can take 500 (or more) types of fabric, the Cricut Joy machine dials it back a bit. 

The Cricut Joy machine is ideal for those who want mighty but small; you can even travel with this machine. 

With the Cricut Joy, you can work with vinyl pieces - or cardstock, paper, and 100 other materials. While there is a restriction in terms of the size it can take (still, it’s quite an impressive one), the Cricut Joy, creates professional results without the need for a cutting mat.

The Cricut Joy price in the UK varies between £150 - £180 across retailers, this Cricut Joy price is based on the market in the UK. 

However, like with other regions, the Cricut Joy UK is worth every penny. 

For the best Cricut Joy prices in the UK, look out for any Cricut Joy bundles. There’s no feeling quite like getting more product but spending less money. 

The Cricut Joy bundles often offer all you need in one handy space. This often includes the Cricut Joy machine, as well as, the personalized Cricut Joy vinyl to be used alongside it. It is these small things that make the difference, as you will notice yourself if you make a purchase. 


What can a Cricut joy do?

With the Cricut Joy, you can personalize and cut a wide range of fabrics and materials. With built-in Bluetooth, the function to work offline, and compact size, you can travel anywhere with this machine and still have a professional and smart finish 

Create cards, custom labels, or flex your design muscle. 

Essentially, the Cricut Joy is a cutting and writing machine - and it does those two things exceptionally well. Work with Cricut Materials like cardstock, vinyl, and paper, and create unique designs and shapes drawn by you. 

Is the Cricut joy worth it?

For those who want the ability to cut a range of fabrics, and are looking for a machine that can be traveled with, then, of course, the Cricut Joy is worth it! 

While it may not have the full range of functions in comparison to the Cricut Maker, the Cricut Joy is still a mighty Cricut Machine that makes the perfect cutting companion - you don’t even need a cutting mat.

What do you need for a Cricut joy?

The great thing about the Cricut Joy is that you can buy it in a bundle, as well as separately on its own. 

In the Cricut bundles, however, you’ll have everything you need in one space. For example, some bundles may come with Cricut Accessories, official Cricut blades, Cricut mats, or 12” x 24” Cricut mats, and other Cricut tools. 

What's the difference between a Cricut and Cricut joy?

Each Cricut machine is built differently - Cricut is all about an individual’s experience. So each machine is designed to cater to each individual difference or need. 

The biggest difference between the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Joy machine is that the Cricut Joy is great for more customization. Whereas the Cricut Maker is built to have a large range of blades and skills such as debossing and engraving, the Cricut Joy focuses mostly on features like mat-free cutting. 

While the differences between the Cricut Explore range and the Cricut Joy machine is that the Cricut Explore range (Air variations included) is much more likened to the Cricut Maker. Essentially, the Cricut Explore is a more affordable and less intense version of the Cricut Maker. 

And in the instance of the Cricut EasyPress and the Cricut Joy, the differences are that the Cricut EasyPress is a hand-held heat transfer machine. The EasyPress is perfect for those who need to iron on their vinyl decals which they would have just cut with the Cricut Joy.

How much will the Cricut joy cost?

The price of the Cricut Joy will always vary depending on the price margins of the seller, however, the Cricut Joy typically goes for around £150 - £180. 

Can the Cricut joy cut stickers?

Yes! All you need to do is input the design you want into your machine, grab your Cricut Removable Smart Vinyl, and then let the Cricut Joy work its magic 

Can Cricut joy make car decals?

Of course, it can! And the joy with the Cricut Joy is that you don’t even need a cutting mat. Much like how you create stickers, you just load up your chosen design, load in your material, and then let the Cricut Joy do what it does best. 

What are the dimensions and weight of Cricut Joy?  

One of the perks of the Cricut Joy is that it is one of our more lightweight machines. Either way, the dimensions of the Cricut Joy are:

Dimensions: 5.50" x 8.40" x 4.25" (139 mm x 214 mm x 108 mm)

And the weight is: 

Weight: 3.85 lbs (1.75 kg)

Does Cricut Joy work with my mobile device and computer?

Yes, that’s no problem! The Cricut Joy has Bluetooth capabilities and connects with any mobile or computer with ease. 

How large of a design can Cricut Joy cut?

The maximum material width the Cricut Joy can take in the machine is 5.5”, however, the maximum material length is 20ft. So the largest design the Cricut Joy can cut is somewhere within those diametres. 

Can I use other Cricut pens in my Cricut Joy machine?

Any Cricut tools or pens purchased can only fit the machine they were initially designed for. Unfortunately, the Cricut Joy doesn’t have the right fittings for pens not designed for it. 

Does Cricut Joy require an internet connection?

If you’re planning to use the Design Space and you want to download content from there, then yes. And you’ll need to be online initially to install the Cricut Joy’s software, but other than that, you’re free to use the Cricut Joy in any way - online or offline.

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