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Sawgrass Sublimation Paper

There is so much to say about the amazing features of the award-winning Sawgrass sublimation paper: the TruePix classic paper.

Sawgrass is and has been one of the most re-known companies on sublimation printing over the years. They collect ‘Product of the Year’ awards on sawgrass inks, sawgrass printers, and the topic of today: sawgrass sublimation papers.

Their exhaustive technology research resulted in a ‘smart’ product release: a sublimation transfer paper engineered specifically for high levels of dye released during the pressing process. It is considered a ‘’smart’’ transfer paper not only because it yields consistent and vibrant colors on every transfer, but also minimizes the wasted ink.

This sublimation paper was designed to hold Sawgrass ink on the surface preventing the paper from becoming too wet due to the intense saturation. Moreover, its great technology makes it compatible also with a wide range of sublimation machines and Cricut Machines such as the Cricut explore air 2.

If you value high-quality products, great color finishing, and technology, sawgrass sublimation paper is definitely the right purchase decision for you.


Where can I buy sublimation paper?

From us! Have a look at our website, you will probably find what you need for sublimation printing. If we don’t have the product that you are looking for, you can also check on Amazon or Sawgrass websites.

Is sublimation paper the same as transfer paper?

No, the difference lies in the science behind the sublimation process.

If you use sublimation paper the ink becomes part of the material, it permeates in the item so you can also print on hard surfaces.

If you use transfer paper, the ink is added as a layer on top of your item, which translates into less durability.

Can I print sublimation paper on a regular printer?

Sublimation paper is not compatible with a regular printer. The regular ink isn’t made for sublimation paper, and it will usually smear right off the paper if you try to print something using this paper.

What can I use instead of sublimation paper?

Copy paper does also work for sublimation printing, however, this is not recommended as it will not yield the same results.

Can you sublimate on dark shirts?

Yes, with special opaque sublimation paper for dark fabrics. SubliJet, EasySubli, and ChromaBlast are some of the brands that are compatible with Sawgrass printers for sublimation on dark fabrics.

Can you sublimate on cotton?

Yes, now it is also possible to sublimate on cotton. Traditionally, sublimation was chemically bonded to polyester and polymers, not cotton, however, some newly developed materials can be used to apply sublimation dye to a cotton fabric’s surface. This means that your design will be on the surface instead of in the fabric of your item and may crack, peel or fade over time.

For example, Forever Subli-Light paper can be used to sublimate on cotton with your Sawgrass SG500 or Sawgrass SG1000 printer, respectively. 

How long does sublimation ink last?

Sublimation cartridges should last for 6 months since installing them. It is recommended not to leave them in the printer for a long period of time as issues like color shifting, head clogs, or banding may happen. 

How much does sublimation paper cost?

It depends on the brand and size of the chosen paper however the price range usually goes from £15 for A4 formats to £30 for A3 formats.

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