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Sawgrass Inks

Hello, fellow crafter! If you are here is because you want to learn more about Sawgrass, one of the leading brands on sublimation printers and accessories.

This brand has not only extended its range of products with its own Sawgrass sublimation paper but has also amazed its customers with its Sawgrass Inks. 

Sawgrass Inks are different, they are were purely developed for sublimation and only for Sawgrass printers, and in our opinion, they are one of a kind.

These quality inks are world-class inks, crafted by experts and specially designed for sublimation printing.  They are the ideal addition for school supplies, scrapbooking stickers, Cricut projects, and much more.

With the Sawgrass Inks, your personalized creations will display extraordinary vibrant colors, no matter if you use the TruePix paper recommended by Sawgrass or any other sublimation paper brand.

We know you won’t regret using Sawgrass inks once you start, it is a fine product that will take your craft creations to the next level, achieving the professional finish you are looking for.

Sawgrass products have tremendous popularity already and if you like the Sawgrass printers and papers, you will definitely want to try Sawgrass inks.


Which Sawgrass Ink is Right For You?

There is a wide variety of Sawgrass Inks. 

If you have a Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000 sublimation printer, a 4-color ink set will work perfectly for you. Especially if you are looking to print on vinyl, hard, or soft polyester substrates, you will want to go for the sawgrass sg500 ink or sawgrass sg100 ink sets.

On the contrary, if you love photography, fine arts, or graphic design, you will probably have a Sawgrass VJ 628. If this is the case you will want an 8-color ink set that will bring to life the vibrant colors of your masterpieces.

And if you are crazy about customizing your own clothes, we would recommend the ChromaBlast HD inks, ideal for bright transfer on light-colored cotton and cotton-blend fabrics.

What is Sawgrass ink? 

It is a world-class ink for sublimation printing. Sawgrass Inks are made from scratch, with the finest dye powder and milling each dye color individually to make high-quality concentrates.  This way Sawgrass creates sublimation ink recipes with optimal printing properties, meeting the US Quality Control standards.

How long does Sawgrass ink last?

Sublimation cartridges should last for 6 months since installing them. It is recommended not to leave them in the printer for a long period of time as issues like color shifting, head clogs, or banding may happen. 

What is the best sublimation paper to use?

Definitely True Pix Classic, as it is considered a smart transfer paper.

What kind of paper is a sublimation paper?

It is a specialist paper used exclusively for sublimation printing. It has a special coating added for the dye sublimation inks to add to the paper.

Is sublimation paper the same as transfer paper?

No, the difference lies in the science behind the sublimation process.

If you use sublimation paper the ink becomes part of the material, it permeates in the item so you can also print on hard surfaces.

If you use transfer paper, the ink is added as a layer on top of your item, which translates into less durability.

What can I use instead of sublimation paper?

Copy paper does also work for sublimation printing, however, this is not recommended as it will not yield the same results.

Can you sublimate with regular paper?

Yes, but the use of regular paper may cause many problems to your sublimation printer as it does not have the coating on the surface and the flexibility of paper is poor. Most of the people that have tried this before consider using regular paper as a waste of sublimation ink.

What is the best printable heat transfer paper?

According to the 2020 Buyer’s Guide, one of the best-selling transfer paper packs is Avery 08938. It uses ColorShield Formula and its technology ensures that the colors will stay bright and prints will holp up wonderfully for a long time.

Another excellent transfer paper specially for dark surface colors is Neenah 3G jet Opaque paper, as it brightens the prints with a smooth finish.

How many prints can you get out of sublimation ink?

  • For 30ml cartridges, you should yield about 120 sq ft of printing.
  • For 9 ml cartridges, you should yield 36 sq ft of printing.
  • For 110ml bulk bags, you would yield about 440 sq ft of printing.

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