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Decorate your home with things that make you feel good and safe - and our selection of weighted blankets and side lamps will help you feel just that

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House decoration is such an individual journey. 

There are so many various themes you need to consider before you decide to go with one for you. A few worth mentioning are: 

  • Farmhouse décor
  • Christmas home décor 
  • Modern home décor
  • Halloween home décor 

Each of these varies in their styles, colour palettes, and interior decoration. For example, the living room décor of a farmhouse inspired home may feature white walls with most of the warmth of the room being pulled from wooden furniture, this would emit a cosy vibe. 

A room like this may be more neutral in the colour palette, but modern farmhouse décor may feature room decorations such as a fireplace, an abundance of pillows and blankets, and even a collection of trinkets or photo frames. 

If you wanted more of a unique home décor, or something that people don’t decorate with as frequently, it may be worth looking at our craft kits for kids – or a craft storage selection. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have children or not, but many of the children’s craft kits we sell include many paper crafts or other materials that can be used to create home décor items. 

These craft sets for kids also work perfectly for those who are looking to create party décor, as many of them feature craft paper that is really useful to create streamers or cards out of.

So, whether you’re looking to create Christmas decorations or a wholesale home décor vibe, look to our children’s craft kits – because you never know what kind of home décor you can create! 

And hopefully, you’ll share your home decor online with us through our social media channels. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. 

How can I decorate my home?

Home décor is entirely up to you as an individual – it’s important that you create a space that you’re comfortable to live in. 

And that could have influences from anything – it could follow a more typically vintage style, or take in elements from the 80’s. 

However, if you live in a family home, then it is possible you have a few children running around making that feeling like a haphazard job. Our best suggestion is to invest in craft kits for kids, these will allow you to have easy decorations that your children made for you. 

How do you make your room look nice?

Nice is individual to everyone. 

However, one way to make your home or any room of a house feel cosy and inviting, is to add a feeling of nostalgia and love into the space. 

An easy way to achieve that is by investing in easy craft or craft sets for kids – these are often kits filled with craft paper and offer craft storage, and it will encourage your children to create works of art that you can display around your home. 

Who is the best home decor?

Again, this is a varied question that really depends on which styles and art you prefer. 

However, we’ve always loved home at Christmas time – and while you may not want to celebrate the winter season all year round, by investing in DIY Christmas decorations or paper crafts, you can replicate many of the same feelings that it evokes in your home. 

Worst comes to worse, a great home designer is always children. 

We offer many variations of kids crafts and children’s craft kits, and not only does it give children a sense of pride to see their work displayed in the home, but it also encourages them to flex their creative muscles. 

You can shop our whole range of home décor on our website


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